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  • Grip

Designed to deliver the perfect balance of traction, protection and durability.


Chamfered lugs allow dirt to be released quickly, improving traction on wet and other types of terrain.

Forward lugs are angled to encourage propulsion whilst rear lugs are angled to encourage breaking. Lugs are opened up in flex points to allow better flex and reduce foot fatigue.


  • Lightweight

Lightweight technology where it matters


The next generation of V-LITE: a considered collection of lightweight, instantly comfortable footwear with technology and performance where it matters.

V-Lite Standards:

  • Reduced weight and increased comfort through construction, components and materials
  • Minimum use of rubber while retaining outsole performance
  • Lightweight midsole cushioning technology


As every pound of weight on your feet is equivalent to five pounds on your back, our V-LITE technology makes a real difference to your performance. In 1976, the world’s first lightweight hiking boot, the Sierra Lite was created. It was inspired by one simple principle – instant lightweight comfort, an idea that has remained at the heart of our company for over 40 years.




    Vibram® is the world leader in high performance rubber compounds. Vibram® soles are always produced with three objectives: Traction, Comfort and Protection.


    Over 1 million km of testing on Vibram® products to ensure the highest performance.


    Over 70 years of knowledge and expertise producing the world’s best rubber soles.


    Make products for companies in over 120 countries worldwide.


    • Energy Optimising

    Walk further and longer

    Vibram® RollinGait System (RGS) is an innovative technology that helps the natural roll of the foot, blending form and flexibility. It has been specially developed to optimise energy output, reduce muscle fatigue and helps you walk for longer. When the foot first hits the ground, the centre of pressure moves from the heel to the metatarsus and then the toes. The unique curved shape of the RGS sole supports the natural movement of the foot on the ground, step after step. LESS ENERGY CONSUMPTION + LESS MUSCLE FATIGUE = MORE ENDURANCE

    High-performance technical outsole powered by Michelin®


    Experience the Michelin® high-performance technical outsole, which gives you the ultimate traction, durability, flexibility and adaptability on all types of terrain encountered in everyday life.

    Michelin® is an expert with 126 years' experience in technology and materials related to rubber and textiles. Michelin® has extensive research and development facilities in Ladoux, France to develop innovative products.



  • Faster, lighter and comfortable

    XLR8 is our latest in midsole technology. An ultimate lightweight midsole which is 10% lighter than regular EVA. This new Hi-Tec created technology provides 10% greater rebound and 10% better energy absorption when compared to regular EVA. These improvements combine to make up one incredible midsole which is not only extremely comfortable but also significantly boosts performance.