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The footwear, clothing and accessories we sell, along with the general nature of our business, combine to create an environmental and social footprint, this is an inescapable reality. Avoiding in every way  any “greenwash” communication, we are exploring the various courses of action that can be taken both immediately and future planning to reduce our environmental footprint.  We are determined to ensure we are part of the solution and have a considered and honest environmental strategy in place for all our business functions.

We also are extremely mindful that the durability and performance of all our products should not be affected or have any detrimental effect on our consumers experience. Our future operations, product development and sourcing challenge will be directly offset with our environmental impact.

Every part of our business will be considered with our environmental impact in the forefront of our minds.

PROJECT ZERO launched January 2020 based on SBT (Science Based Targets) to achieve two objectives:

  • Carbon Neutral Operations within our offices, warehousing and supporting services in the UK.
  • Deliver to market THE most environmentally considered, functionally fit products & packaging.

Carbon Neutral Goals

  • Audit completed July 2020 to ascertain current carbon footprint within our operations, based on 2019 emissions.
  • These results provide a target to aim & achieve CARBON NEUTRALITY over the next 5 years.
  • Recommendations will be applied to ALL aspects of Operations, e.g. Fuel & energy supplies, reduced waste, increasing recycling & reviewing company vehicles.

 Environmentally Considered Product & Packaging

Our shoe / boot boxes are already produced from 100% recycled materials.

Our shoe / boot boxes can be 100% recycled.

 Our future goals will be to:

  • Continuously review of all product RDD engineering & packaging to increase & improve recycled materials used.
  • Our goal is to remove all single use plastics, only use plant-based dyes & Kraft card from certified audited sources.
  • Developing stronger factory relationships & identifying future key partners who only have strong ethical, environmental and certified audited procedures.
  • Continuously review all transportation & shipping to ensure we use the most efficient and environmentally considered options.

Global Recycled Standard

Our product development focus is to produce environmentally considered, sustainable products without compromising on performance.

The start of this journey for us it to use Global Recycled Standard (GRS) which features in our AW21 V-Lite Psych Mid and Low waterproof products.

The Global Recycle Standard is an international, voluntary and product standard and according to this, a third-party is certified for recycled material, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemical usage limitation. These are the standards set to protect the environment from the harm of capitalism and industrialization. 

The objectives of GRS are to reduce the harmful impact of production to people and the environment; provide assurance that materials in the final product are actually recycled and sustainably processed; drive innovation in addressing quality issues in the use of recycled materials.

  • Alignment of recycled definitions across multiple applications
  • Verify ad certify recycled content in products
  • Provide consumers (both brands and end consumers) with a tool to make informed decisions
  • Reduce harmful impact of production to people and the environment
  • Provide assurance that products are processed more sustainably
  • Drive higher percentages of recycled content in products

With the support from GRS we are able to identify, certify and quantify the exact percentage of 100% recycled materials used in the manufacturing of our products.

We recognise that we’ve not reached the summit on our sustainability journey yet. We’re fully committed to taking all the necessary steps to ensure that as leading brands we do our part to protect the environment so that future generations can continue to get outside and enjoy our natural wonders.

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